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Curriculum, Camps and Parties

If you are a parent, school or organization, let's discuss a teaching module or session to serve your Princesses in a manner that's custom-made for your event!


Go to our Contact tab or email us at We'd love to bring Sarah'z Girlz to your city!

Because You're Worth It!

July 2013 (Inaugural)

To encourage, empower and equip young girls through the development of personal and social skills, coupled with godly character for all areas of life and service to others in the world.


To speak destiny into the hearts of God’s daughters!


That's our mission statement!  During our inaugural conference we established the foundation for many years to come.


Why do we choose to encourage little girls, "tweens" and teens alike?


Because YOU matter and because



I Am Princess -Hear Me ROAR!

April 2014

In the spring of 2014 we had an awesome time of praise, worship, laughter, awesome food, unbelievable fellowship and memorable, exciting teachings!


Every girl has a ROAR and it needs to be heard!  What is "that thing" that you do that makes you different from everyone else?  That song, that dance, sport or poetry that is "your signature"?




There's greatness inside of you -

Are you ready?

Proof SG PC Front.jpg

The Princess Collection: God's Original Works of Art

November 2014

For our Fall conference we chose the theme "The Princess Collection" as we discussed with our girls from the perspective of "creating the life you want" as well as teaching the girls how "divinely unique" they are as original creations of God!

Ephesians 2:10 was our scripture reference for our conference! We believe that it's important to celebrate all things beautifully created by our God...including YOU!

Great teachings, great music, great food, fun and fellowship are all staples with Sarah'z Girlz and your little Princess will have the time of her life making new friends and having her self-esteem and character elevated to understand and believe who she is in God's eyes!

2014-10-29 14.50.46_edited_edited.jpg

SG Pajama Jam "All Things Girls"

July 2015

We had an awesome Pajama Jam, partying with the Princesses and talking "All Things GIRLZ! 


Our girls are growing up and stepping out! Let's help them to put their best foot forward with great grooming and fitness habits, strengthening them emotionally and intellectually and preparing them for the next stage of adolescence.

The Pajama Jam experience was held in a fun, family friendly environment where we exposed all the myths and celebrated our daughter's unique, individual God-given design !

There were so many awesome activities and fun for our younger Princesses too!  Moms won't worry about TMI !

It's A Girl Thing and we want her to understand - she's incredible!

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SG "Like A Girl" Conference

May 2016's our 5th Sarah'z Girlz Conference!

We are preparing for our Spring 2016 conference and we want you to join us! May 21, 2016 Sarah'z Girlz will discuss with your Princess the topic of HEALTHY COMPETITION and doing whatever YOU do like the amazing girl that you are!

Your Princess will learn:

1) the benefits of humility and respect
2) to aspire to be GREAT in her interests, athletics or other hobbies
3) how to build confidence and trust in her peers, parents and community leadership...all while allowing them to have a lot of fun!


Super Sarah'z Girlz: Putting His Super on Your Natural

May 2017



Wait's SARAH'Z GIRLZ 6th Conference!


"Super Sarah'z Girlz " where your Princess will learn how to put God's SUPER on her NATURAL!! 

We all know what it's like to admire someone who's strong and brave and seemingly invincible! We want to help out and rescue others, friends, family, pets or we feel we need to be rescued ourselves!


What if you were to discover that with God, the super "she-ro" strength your were looking for was inside of you all along! You just need a little help tapping in to find out just how powerful you truly are!

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!


Don't be Batman - be Sarah'z Girlz!


Book an Sarah'z Girlz Themed Party or Social Gathering

SG Custom Themed Parties and Socials


Want help planning an exciting party for your little girl or Tweenie or Teen?  Sarah'z Girlz can help you to both plan and host a special themed party and captivate your Princess and her guests in a fun-filled environment "tailor made" just for her! 


Moms, leave the planning to us and choose from a large variety of SG parties for both birthday celebrations, socials/get-togethers or team building/mentoring among girls! 


Themes like Princess parties, Karaoke, Movie Night, Paris themed, Glow in the Dark, Spa Day or a Hotel Sleep Over are just a few selections of fully coordinated themed parties we can suggest.

Contact Jo Patterson at: for more details



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