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Praise and Kudos



The day you had the conference and you talked about bullying, it made me think about how not so long ago I got bullied too.  There were 4 girls that were my friends - but not any more.  They were always trying to fit in. They tried to get me into trouble with the teacher and so I'm really struggling.  So that's all the stuff I'm going through in the fourth grade.


Well that's all.  Thanks for being there, I like the conference and how you're doing this for us girls!  I am just glad and thanks for listening to and reading my comment.  Bye and thank you!


-Megan (age 11)  July 2013



Tamara M. D. Horn Sierra and I have been blessed by Sarah'z Girlz! I encourage everyone to bring there precious princess to this amazing event.


Valerie Everage Williams AWESOME ministry, Jo!!! Mallory absolutely loved it...and so did I. Would love to attend the upcoming event in a few weeks! 😍😊👍🏾


Yvette Henderson I don't have any pictures to share but I will say that my Selah loves the Sarah'z Girlz conference and looks forward to coming every year! We love you Elder Jo and all that you are doing through the ministry of Sarah'z Girlz! Can't wait to see you there!


Kendra Anthony This is truly an awesome conference! The insight and wisdom that are shared from a Christian perspective are priceless! My girls go every year and are looking forward to this year!


McArthur L Glaze I just sponsored three girls on your website... Gods blessings on this ministry!!!


Bridget Gill Bless you Elder!! Such an encouragement to our daughters and moms!


Tiffany Wilkerson Thank you for doing this for our girls!


Nicole Johnson-Kelly My daughter has been to every conference for 3yrs. I know the lady that runs this very well. Your baby will enjoy this. I won't be at this one but you should definitely go!



Dr. Kanesha Waites (Lancaster ISD) Could we share this information and flyers with our Parents and Sister to Sister on the various campuses? I believe this is an amazing program that our girls could benefit from. I had the privilege and honor to meet and work with with Jo Patterson and she is doing some awesome work that reflects the work and initiatives we are doing here in Lancaster.


Angela Robinson, M. Ed. Asst. Principal (Lancaster ISD) Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity with LISD Sister to Sister.  An email was sent to all Sister to Sister campus leaders about the Sarah’z Girlz Conference in May. They will distribute the flyer to all members. I hope that your event is a huge success.  Thanks for the work that you are doing with young ladies. 



Tiffany Wilkerson (MacKenzie) Woooooweeeeee, the conference today was beyond fantastic! Good word, good food, good fellowship....

Elder Jo and other speakers there spoke so much life to these young girlz. MacKenzie talked nonstop about the conference on the ride home....which is wonderful since she's very shy 😊.

I'm blessed because I actually got to see the conference....and I'm reserving right now our attendance at all the rest of these in the future.🗓

Elder Jo...your heart showed, spoke, strengthened and covered ALL in the room....even the little girl inside the adult women. We were all touched...
Thank you for this ministry...❤

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